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What are modular carpet tiles ?

Most people are familiar with the standard carpet broadloom. This is the carpet made in 12 and 15 foot widths. You have and will see this at most carpet stores. Modular Carpet Tiles are simply another version of this product. The 12' broadloom is cut in half (6 feet) and is backed with a vinyl product about ¼" thick. This has several advantages for the carpet:

  • It seals the yarns (the fuzzy side you see up) into the vinyl. This binds the yarn to the back making it nearly impossible to unravel. This makes it perfect for heavy traffic and commercial uses.

  • It creates a backing system that is much more durable than Jute / Action Back, which is on most 12' goods.

Once the backing system is attached using heated vinyl backing, it is then cooled. Once cooled it is processed through precise machines that cut it into exact 18 x 18 inch squares. This is the standard size. Sizes may vary with manufacturer. They are then inspected and packed into boxes of 20 tiles or 5 square yards to a box (for standard size). Carpet tiles are then shipped to locations around the world for installation. The only unusual difference between installing 12 foot broadloom carpet and Modular Carpet Tiles is the adhesive and what they call the GRID system. The adhesive is releasable. Once applied, it dries to the touch and will turn tacky only when weight is applied. This makes it easy to remove and replace with new carpet tiles. The GRID system is a method of installing the carpet tiles using mathematical layouts to keep the tiles squared and perfectly straight. They are laid out with chalk lines on the floor and then glued into place.

What do they do?

Carpet tiles serve several functions in the flooring industry. They are user-friendly material that most people can handle with little difficulty. Unlike broadloom goods that require strong backs and at times, problem solving talents to maneuver this product. Modular Carpet Tiles perform a unique function for commercial use. The backing system is created to take more abuse than normal. Due to the convenient size of the tile, it can be used efficiently in areas that need renovation with existing office systems. They are useful in covering "in-floor" trenches that are used to house cables and wiring. They also are wonderful in temporary settings where they need to go down easily for a time and then removed and used again. Water resistance is very high. Because of the solid vinyl back, water can and will channel around the tile never penetrating into the backing, just the surface where it can be easily extracted. Carpet tiles can be totally flooded with water, taken up, rinsed off, dried and reinstalled with a good degree of satisfaction. This you can't do with any broadloom goods.

Who can use them?

Small, medium and large businesses all can use this product to an advantage. Carpet tiles offer beautiful borders and insets with no hassle. Designers can be very creative with color and patterns, borders, even logos! There are definitely uses for homeowners. Basements that sometimes flood, work areas, anywhere you are working with products that can soil and stain. Just remove a tile and replace!

What kinds are there?

Remember, carpet tiles are just broadloom carpets fashioned in a different way. Of course there are not as many styles and colors available than broadloom, but there is an ample amount to choose from. Since it is designed more for the commercial setting, this is the design of carpets that dominate the carpet tile business.

Where do you purchase them?

Carpet tiles are available from most dealers. That is to say, they can acquire them if need be. There are usually a few major companies that deal with carpet tiles, and they should be the ones you gravitate toward. They can be a handy do-it-yourself project or easy to install for someone else, if conditions are right.

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